Fariha Khan

2017 – A Year of Self-Driving Tech

2017 was the year in which self-driving cars actually became a reality. While a number of forms of the tech existed before as well, over the  last year we saw fully autonomous cars actually making their way to the U.S. streets having no driver, which is the big thing. Tesla …

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Leak: 3 New iPhones revealed

Apple AAPL +0.42% never likes to reveal its plan regarding iPhone. But considering its the immense pressure to do better, the tech giant might just welcome the distraction it will get following this leak about its 3 new iPhones 2018. According to a new leak, Apple will not just expand …

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AR/VR and the Future of Business – Part 1

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two powerful technologies capable of making a huge impact on industries. Unlike common perception, they are not just limited to gaming and entertainment. The scope of AR and VR is much wider. By integrating these technologies into businesses, business executives are changing …

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