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mission“Apps Herald aims to unleash the endless possibilities that exist in the world of Apps and Games. Acting as a guiding light for developers, publishers, marketers, startups and students, we seek to help our readers have an insight into the apps and gaming industry and benefit from its thriving opportunities.”


Apps Herald is dedicated to unveil the endless opportunities present in the applications and gaming sector. Whether you wish to create your first app, take your existing app or game to the next level or launch your business, Apps Herald is your one-stop platform where you can get to know all that you must in order to thrive.

Satisfying the App-etite of Publishers, Marketers, Developers & Investors


Apps Herald Features

Apps Industry Insights and Trends

Technology, Apps, Games News

Apps and Games Reviews

How-Tos, Tips n Tricks

Interviews and Profiles of Top Entrepreneurs

Internet of Things, Igadgets, Virtual Reality

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Entrepreneurship Centers in Pakistani Universities

Upcoming Technological Events

The magazine features a range of categories to help our readers get the complete showground of Apps and Games including news, views, business opportunities, trends, reviews, technologies, tools, pitfalls, threats and more. The variety of features provide full information and guidelines for publishers, marketers, developers, investors and anyone interested in apps and games.


Insights from Industry Expert

Apps Herald also includes insights from industry experts and tech geeks to help you ensure the success of your startup and remain safe from the pitfalls. We bring to you the views of tech leaders and entrepreneurs that are essential to broaden your own vision and touch the pinnacle of success.

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A Committed Team of Insightful Professionals

Our team includes experienced writers, editors, designers, developers, tech geeks as well as industry leaders who are dedicated to present our readers with most useful, valuable, exciting and enriching news, analysis, articles, stories and insights on apps, games, and technology. 


Reading_in_Practice_MAOur Readers Come First

For us readers always come first. Every decision is made with the interests of our loyal readership in mind.

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Unswerving Editorial Independence

The choice of articles and stories we publish is decided on the value we think they deliver to our readers.


humanityHumanity Empowers Technology

We believe that humanity, not technology, is what truly drives innovation. Hence we bring forth  the human stories that are at the heart of every new technology to promote empathy as our core value.


We strive for a diverse group of contributors and readers alike. dversity.



Growth Not For Growth’s Sake

We believe success shouldn’t be just gauged in sales figures ; we don’t pursue growth for growth’s sake, but only if our values can be maintained.